Steven J. DiFiore II

For City Council At-Large


A Local Government, of The People, Focused on Our Local Issues 

Having lived in Charlotte for a decade, I am proud to call this city my home. I have watched with pride as the Queen City has become a bustling metropolis full of new businesses, people, and opportunities. However, I have also watched our city government become distracted from those things affecting all Charlotteans that should be its primary interests. Good roads and trash service, clean drinking water, well trained and compensated police: these are among the basics that any city needs to focus on to stay prosperous. I feel that we need people on city council who focus on the issues that affect our whole community and not just special interests, that while important, aren’t the focus of a city government.

Passionate About Our City

I’m a graduate of UNC-Charlotte, with a degree in Political Science. While a student, I helped co-found the first Tae Kwon Do club on campus. I’m still an avid practitioner to this day. When not practicing Tae Kwon Do or discussing politics, I can be found frequenting local contra and swing dancing events, riding my bicycle around one of our city’s many beautiful greenways, or enjoying a beer with friends at one of our local craft breweries. 

I’m an active member of the Mecklenburg County Libertarian Party. I hold the position of platform committee member, in addition to being the Party’s City Council At-Large candidate in this year’s election. I am passionate about our city, and want to bring new ideas and a new perspective to City Council that will help lead to broader prosperity, and liberty, for all Charlotteans. 

A Real World Understanding of the Issues

Zoning ordinance reform is the most important issue you’ve never heard of.  

In my profession, I see the effects of our city’s zoning laws every day.  This experience has enlightened me to just how important it is to get this right. Progress on this front has been slow, and we need an updated and simplified ordinance on the books now.  I not only have an interest in this subject, but the practical experience working in the construction industry to go along with it.

We need city council members with knowledge and an interest to take up this issue, so that we can move our city forward in the direction of sensible and equitable development and rezoning.