My Story

I first came to Charlotte in 2005 as a college student. Like many transplants to this city, I have watched it grow in extraordinary fashion as I have put down my roots here.  For me, Charlotte represents the best of what an American City is and the best of what North Carolina has to offer.  I have made the Queen City my home, and I have a vested interest in keeping Charlotte a prosperous place to live, work, and raise a family. 

For all of Charlotte’s growth and prosperity, it has been halting or nonexistent for some in my time here.  As a working-class guy myself, I have not only seen some of the obstacles to prosperity here firsthand, but many of its opportunities as well.  Having these experiences, I am confident that I can be a dedicated advocate for the hard working folks looking to get ahead in this burgeoning New South City.

To that end, I’ve been frustrated as a Charlottean to see that the interests of City Hall don’t always seem to take the needs of the hard working folks of Charlotte into account.  I want to help change that by being an honest spokesperson and campaigner for the people of this town and their interests. 

As a Third Party Candidate, I’m not bound by the standard thinking that is typical of either the Democratic or Republican Party. I’m not the typical candidate looking to tow the party line; a status quo that has produced little in the way of achievement, integrity, or progress in the last few years for the Queen City. Rather, I’ll bring a different point of view, a fresh voice, and new solutions to our Council so we can begin addressing those common issues affecting all Charlotteans. 

Politics aside, I love this city. I love our people, our way of life, and the energy that infuses our community with such vibrance. I want our city and its people to prosper. I want our politicians to look after our basic, common interests, but mostly I’d like them to stay out of the people’s way. Our government should first and foremost be for the people, which means our politicians are servants of the public. I would like to see a city council committed to serving the people and not its own interests. I’m just an average working guy, but I believe that I can be that change for our city. 


On Being a Libertarian

The Libertarian Party believes in Free Markets, Free Minds, and Free People.  We, as a Party, believe that you as an individual own yourself and have a right to determine the course of your own life as you see fit.  It is our most sincere conviction that everyone has a right to live their life as they see fit as long as they don’t stand in the way of others doing likewise. 

As the old saying goes, “My right to swing my fists around stops where your nose begins” 

I personally believe that the Libertarian Party is a viable alternative to our current two party system.  As a Party of Principle, we are not motivated merely by opposition to another political party.  We seek the empowerment of the individual and want government to honor and protect our rights where necessary, and to not stand in the way of our neighbors to seek their own prosperity for themselves, their families, and their communities. 

We care about integrity and transparency, which is something of a rare trait in politics these days. 

We care about individual liberty for everyone, not just those with whom we agree.

We are pro-business, but anti-cronyism.

We are for a strong military to defend our homeland, but don’t want to be the world’s policeman. 

We believe that the War on Drugs needs to be ended just as prohibition was. 

We believe in private property rights as an intrinsic right and as such we are opposed to civil asset forfeiture and the use of eminent domain to steal the property of our fellow citizens.


If any of these are things you believe in too, you just might be more libertarian than you think.  So please, come be Libertarian with me and let’s work together for our common cause.